How to add background images

Your customers can use background images for customization. You can add the background images from Product Designer ➤ࣹ Manage Background.

Note: The above-shown background images are for our demo store.

After clicking the “Manage Background” page will open up. From here you can add, delete, and manage background images.

For adding the background image, click on the “Add Background” button.

After clicking on the “Add Background” button, you will be navigated to the “Add Background” page. Front this panel one can add the background images.

Follow the steps for adding the background image.

Background Image: Browse and upload a background image.

Status: Select the status of the background image (Enable/Disable).

Click on “Save Background” to save the background image.

The Manage Background feature is included in the Photo Book Add-ons package. One has to purchase separately apart from the Essential and premium package. 

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