How Do I Report a Problem With My Order?

You can report any problem technical or otherwise, by contacting our support team. Once we receive your issue, we would require some time to resolve your issue. We encourage your support as we would need details of the issue and the access of your staging/development store along with the login credentials (Admin, FTP, SSH, etc). 

We also recommend you to get familiar with our Support policies before reporting a problem. Click here to view our support policies. 

You can also just sit back and relax and let our experts handle all the problems by purchasing our support plans. Once you purchase our Support plans you can contact us easily anytime with any issue. 

Contact Details:

US: +1 (408) 329-9693 

UK: +44 20 3893 2693 

INDIA: +91 92657 87970

Skype Id: support.biztech


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