How Do I Add a New Product Into the Prestashop?

Add a New Product

Login to the backend of your PrestaShop to add and manage your product. Go to Catalog ➤ Products, you will land on the “Products” page. Here you can add a new product to your store.

Now press the “New Product” button and fill in the required details like Title, Description, images, pricing, Quantity, etc. If the products have variants like colors and sizes select the “Product With Combination” on the page itself.

By selecting it you can see the “combinations”. Here you can see the size, color, etc. After inserting all the details click on “Generate It”. Once all the details are added and configured, you can add the products to the store.


Firstly, complete all the product configurations by entering all required details and then Save the product. After saving it, navigate to the “Basic Setting” tab to enable the Brush Your Idea.

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