How Do I Add Brush Your Ideas’ Designer Tool to My Shopify Store?

Configure the Shopify Product Designer App to manage the resources like Products, Collection, Orders, Customers, and Sync the process from Shopify Backend Configuration.

Login to Backend 

Open the App section and install the “Brush Your Ideas Designer Tool” app. 

After Installing the “Brush Your Ideas” designer tool under the Shopify App, click on the Apps, and you will get BYI Designer Tool under the “Installed Apps”.

By clicking on “BYI Designer Tool”, you will find 4-modules with their total available records count. Under these records, you can see the Configurations & Customization and User Manual options.

Now, click on the “Configurations & Customization” to integrate the Product Designer tool (BYI 3.0) and the Shopify store. Here, you need to insert the URL of the “product designer tool” and API-related details for the API configuration.

You need to insert the following details for the configurations:

> Product Designer URL   > Consumer Key   > Consumer Secret   > Access Token   > Token Secret

If you are configuring for the first time, you will see the Not Connected status for the connection besides the Active button. Once you insert all the API-related details, click on the Active button to configure. You will get the Connected status besides the Active button.

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