Have a Look at the API Configurations for Your Prestashop Store

After the configuration of the modules and the data have been synchronized into the product designer tool, you can manage the following configurations from the backend of the designer tool. 

Login to Backend

Go to Stores ➤ Configurations ➤ Product Designer Settings API Configuration General and do the following configurations.    


Source System Base URL:  Insert your Source System Base URL. i.e. https://domain.com/

Customer Login URL: Insert URL Source System Login. I.e. https://domain.com/account/login

Customer Logout URL: Insert URL Source System Logout. I.e. https://domain.com/account/logout

Customer Authenticate URL: Insert Source System URL for “Customer Authenticate” to check customer login sessions. I.e https://domain.com/account/checklogin

Add to Cart URL: Insert Source System URL for the “Add to Cart”. I.e https://domain.com/save/cart/

Save Design URL: Insert Source system URL for Save/Update Design/Image. i.e. https://domain.com/account/saveDesignerUrl/

Locale: Select your language for your store view.     

Base Currency: Select the default currency to display on your website for the designer tool.

Third-Party System Information

App URL: Enter URL for your App.

API Key: Enter the API key of the source system.

Access Token Key: Enter the Access token key of the source system. 

Header Configuration    

Favicon Image: Browse and upload the favicon image of the product designer page.

Logo Image: Browse and upload the logo image for the product designer tool page.

Logo Image Alt: To specify the text for the logo image. 

After configuring all the fields, press the “Save Config” button to save the setting in the store.

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