Video Tips

Email templates are one of the best ways to have fast communication in this business world. It will save your time by refraining you to create an email from scratch every time. Here is how you can add the email templates in your web to print store.

Ajax Cart provides a better shopping experience by allowing customers to add any product to the cart without navigating the product’s detail page.

You can display more discount offers or coupon code offers on the cart page when the customers add the product(s) into the cart. You have to enable the cart slider functionality and that's it. Here is how you can do it.

Google Analytics is the best tool to track the performance and perform an in-depth analysis of the website. Here is how you can link Google Analytics to your website and analyze your website.

You can also add your Web Store’s Instagram profile on the Web page. You must get the Instagram access token key by registering the client ID. Here is how you can register your Instagram account on your website.

You need to Rebuild Css whenever you add any snippet from the page builder. Once you save the page, you will get a pop-up. Here is a brief explanation.

Keep an eye on your online customers and never miss a sales opportunity with this tutorial on viewing online customers. Learn how to easily monitor and track customer activity in real-time for a more efficient and effective business. Watch now to get started!

Get a complete overview of your customers with this tutorial on viewing a list of customers and customer details. Stay on top of your customer base and never miss a beat with the ability to access crucial information at a glance. Watch now to learn more.

Empower your customers by learning how to create orders on their behalf in this brief tutorial. Streamline the ordering process and provide exceptional customer service by being able to place orders quickly and efficiently. Watch now to get started!

Discover the easiest way to download customer’s order tickets in this informative video. Stay organized and never miss a crucial detail with the ability to access your tickets on the go. Watch now and learn how to download your order tickets with ease.