The customers can add their favorite Names & Number together on the product using our BYI Product Designer Tool. i.e., Sports T-Shirt.

Backend Configuration

You can allow the customers to design the product using the “Name Number” option. You can enable the Name Number option for both types of products: Simple and Configurable.

Manage Layouts

First of all, you need to enable the “Name Number” tab from the Manage Layouts for the specific Theme (Layout). Navigate to the Product Designer → Manage Layouts.


You will see the “Simple Product” and “Configurable Product” options under the Name Number tab. Here, you can decide to enable the Name Number designer either for both typed of products or only for one of them (Single Product/Configurable Product).


After configuring the layout options, click on the Save button.



Store Configuration

Navigate to the Stores → Configuration (Product Designer Settings) to configure the “Name Number” related options.


By scrolling down from the settings page, you will see the “Name Number Import” option. You need to expand the Name Number Import option by clicking on the arrow icon.


– Enable Import CSV: If you want to provide the CSV file support to import the Name Number to the designer tool, enable this option. By enabling this option, the customers can import multiple “Name Number” data for the product.

– Attribute Code: Select the default attribute (variant) that will be displayed at the time of inserting the Name & Number. So the customers can design the product by inserting the Name & Number for the specific product attribute (variant).


After configuring the Name Number, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Frontend View

The customers will see the Name Number tab from the “Designer Explorer” panel on the left side. The customers can see the “Name Number” designer option in a sub-panel by clicking on it.


Now, the customers can add the Name Number of their choice of product. They can Add Multiple Numbers and Names at a time to the product to design as they want.

Name Number Sub-tab

1. Image Sides


The customers need to check the “Name” and “Number” checkboxes to add the Name and Number to design the product. If the product has multiple sides, they will get the sides below the Name and Number individually.


Here, there are two sides of the product: Front and Back. If more image sides are added from the Backend, such as the Left sleeve and Right sleeve, the customers will see those sides in the horizontal list.


Customers can select the side from the horizontal list to add the Name and/or Number to design the product on the specific side.



2.Name Number text


The customers can add their desire Name & Number from the text area. If they have selected the configured product having different attributes, they will see the attribute drop-down beside the Number text box. They will get the default attribute as per the selection in the “Name Number Import” settings from the store configuration.

Customers can add multiple rows by clicking on the +Add More buttons. If the customers want two products with different Name Numbers, they can add more rows and then insert the Name & Number. Customers can add up to 25 rows of Name & Number.



3.Import CSV of Name Number


If customers have multiple data of the Names & Numbers, they can import the CSV. First, they need to download the Sample CSV file, and then they need to insert the details of the Names & Numbers as per the CSV file format. Once the CSV file is updated, they can upload the CSV file.


So, they can add the products with multiple Names & Numbers and edit the entries from the Text Box.



Text Properties


The customers can format and edit the text of the Name & Number. The customers can design text objects using different text properties like Font Style, Text Color, Text Opacity, Skew, etc.


Note: Undo-Redo will be disabled by default for Name & Number feature.



Add Name-Number data

If the customers selected the configurable products, they will get the default selected attribute. The customers can add the product as per the values of the attributes and design it.


If you have selected the Size as the default attribute (attribute code) from the Store Configuration, the customers can change the size and insert the Name & Number size-wise.


If the customers have selected a simple product, they will not see the attributes.



+ Add or View All Data


If customers have added the data for the three products, they will see the + Add or View All Data option. The popup will appear with inserted Name and Number Data by clicking on the “+ Add or View All Data” option.


The customers can add more data from the popup by clicking on the + Add More option. The customers can preview all the inserted data on the products by clicking on the Preview All button.


By clicking on the “Preview All” button, the Name and Number with added data popup window will appear. The customers can see the inserted data of the Name and Number for the products.


They can also flip the sides and check the added data to see how it looks like.

Price Details & Add To Cart

The customers will see the pricing details once they hover over the mouse beside the Amount display. The customers will be charged as per the data of the Name & Number inserted.



Add to Cart


After designing the product with Name and Number, when the customers add the product to the cart, the “Add To Cart” details will pop up from the right side.



The customers can see the Total Quantity as per inserted data of the Name and Number. Here, two data are added, which means two products with different Names and Numbers are added.

The customers can also add the products with different attributes as they want. Here, the two different attributes are selected. i.e., Large and Medium.



Now, by clicking on the Buy Now button, the customers will navigate to the “Checkout page”. They can see the Name / Number details and default attributes for the product.

Name Number- Mobile Responsive

Brush Your Ideas 3.0 Designer Tool is also responsive from mobile/tab devices. So, the customers can easily access the online store from Mobile or Tablet devices to design their desire products.


The customers can design their products from the Mobile/Tab device as well. They can access the Name Numbers module from their mobile/tab device easily.