3D Preview

With the 3D preview feature, you’ll be able to give customers a 360­° view of your products. Your customers could apply different attributes like Cliparts, Artworks, Text, Images and much more to your product.


Once you decorate your products with these features you can preview the product in 3D.

Backend Configuration

Manage Layouts

You have to enable the 3D preview from the Manage Layouts sections. In order to do so, navigate to Product Designer ➤ Manage Layouts. [1]


Here a list of layouts will be displayed. Click on the Edit icon in the Edit column and then you will be directed to the configurations page of that layout. [2]


Now here you have to scroll down to the 3D Preview section and click on the checkbox in order to enable the 3D preview for that layout. [3]


After enabling 3D preview, it’s time to create a new product.

Create New Product

You have to add  a product by navigating to Catalog -> Products. [1]


Here, click on the Add Product button to add a new product. [2]


Fill up the required details for creating a product, for the configurations of 3D preview you have to scroll down to the Product Designer section. In the Product Type section, select the 3D preview option. [3]


By doing so, when you click on Design Area, the Full Design Area option will be default selected and the dimensions will be in read only format. [4]


NOTE : While providing a 3D view on any product it’s mandatory to provide a full design area so that proper designs are fetched at the time of preview.


Now, let’s move to upload the required file for previewing the product in 3D.

Manage 3D Objects

Once you add a new product, you have to then navigate to Manage 3D Objects module under Product Designer in order to upload a GLB file. [1]


You will land on the 3D Texture Settings page where you have to click on the Add New button to add the glb file. [2]


Here to add a glb file you have to fill up the following details :- 


–  Category : Select the category of the product. 


–  Product : Select the product. 


–  Add New Product : From here you can create a new product. 


–  File Upload or Add Path : You can upload the GLB files through File Upload or you can enter the Magento Root Path of the GLB file in Add Path. 


–  SVG files : If the product has multiple sides then it is mandatory to upload SVG file containing its side. 


–  Status : You can Enable/Disable 3D objects from here. 


Note : The side name in the SVG file and in the backend should match.


After adding all the details, click on Save. [3][4]



Land on the Product Designer tool of your product so that you can customize the product among the features that are available on the left side tab of the page. 

Product Designer Features

You can customize your product through the following features that are present on the left tab : –


Customers can enter text with the Plain Text section, to display on the products. [1]


Customers can upload images from the Image section. There are multiple ways to upload an image. 


Either, click on the Choose File icon or upload through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos. You can Drag and Drop the images you want to add. [2]


Customers can add unique designs to their products using the Clipart Gallery provided under Clipart section. [3]


You can add artworks from the Artwork section. [4]


With the Background feature, your customer can add different backgrounds on the product by selecting a solid color background. [5]


From the Shapes feature, customers can apply any shape as per their preference. Customers can then apply clipart, image or any other design elements which will then be set into the respective shape. [6]

3D Preview

Once the customization is completed, click on the 3D icon on the top right corner of the page to view the product in 3D.


NOTE : Decoration can be done on 2D only.